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Yoga pants are about more than just exercise – they’re practically a lifestyle movement.  Women everywhere wear them to relax at home, to run errands, and even to go out with a group of friends in addition to wearing them for all sorts of exercise activities.  Women love them because they are both stylish and functional, perfect for both a girl’s night out and a trip to the gym – perhaps even both in the same day!

A little about Yoga

Of course, yoga leggings and yoga pants first began to gain popularity as a result of the ever growing yoga athletic following.  Yoga is about more than just a workout; women who practice it improve their quality of life by both increasing their strength and flexibility but also by practicing the spiritual and meditational aspects of each pose.  This workout is about getting in touch with the body, learning more about what it can do, and connecting with it on a more personal level to achieve a deep sense of calm.

Yoga pants benefits

As such, it makes sense why the best yoga pants are those that allow you to move, breathe, flex, and stretch without restriction.  It’s hard to get into a relaxed state of mind when you can’t stop noticing that your pants are riding up or falling down or shifting when you switch poses.  That’s no good for anyone!  Yoga wear is specifically designed to fit snugly to the body so that the fabrics move organically as you flow from pose to pose.   However the key to finding the perfect fit is ensuring that the clothing is not too snug, because you also want to avoid exerting too much pressure on the muscles or causing discomfort from digging the threads of the pants into the skin.  Yoga clothes that fit more snugly also help to keep your clothes from slipping up in various poses, so you can be confident that you can stay covered and modest.  They also help your yoga instructor to see more clearly what you are doing with your body so that they can correct your posture and movements, keeping you healthy and happy.

But remember – yoga clothes are not just for the yoga and Pilates studio!  So if you do not plan to join clubs that focus on these particular workout styles, yoga pants could still be a great addition to your workout wardrobe.   They are so lightweight and so comfortable that they can be work for almost any fitness activity.  They are typically made with cotton blends to promote maximum flexibility and mobility.  This means that they do not necessarily wick away moisture as effectively as other fabrics that incorporate more elastics into their blends, such as he fabrics often used in leggings.  But they are still incredibly comfortable and versatile.


Variety of Yoga pants


Yoga pants come in a variety of lengths in order to ensure that they can meet all of your needs.  For example, long pants are ideal for classes that do not require quick movement or agility, since the fabric around the ankles is typically designed to flare out rather than to stick closely to the legs as you would typically expect in a workout legging.  If you prefer your clothing to fit more loosely, you could even buy pants in a wider style that are designed to fit more like a pair of sweatpants.  For more active classes or activities, particularly those with lots of cardio movement where your body is likely to heat up faster, a capri yoga pant could be a fantastic option.  These are cropped at mid-calf length and fitted snugly to the legs, so the fabric will never be in your way.  So choose whatever style makes you feel the most comfortable!  It’s important to find the right fit for you.

At Specialità Fitness, we have yoga pants for your every need.  We want you to feel good about your workout outfit, so we have online consultants ready to help you find the perfect pair of pants for your active apparel.  If you are not sure where to start, let us help you to navigate our extensive list of colors, cuts, and styles to find the yoga leggings that match up with your tastes and your workout style.  Whether you’re new to yoga, already a pro, or just looking for the perfect cute and functional piece to spice up your workout clothes, Specialità Fitness is here to help!